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About Zanebusby: FTW! 20. Single. Got a problem? No. Good. If you do, get over yourself NAtSuMi1517: invincible = ? NAtSuMi1517: <<<<<<<<<<<< Best in English. LOL Jun19: can any1 help me?! ZaneBusby: no Andrewmann: no Jun19: -touches every1- Jun19: can any1 help me nw? ZaneBusby: no Jun19: -cries n run away- ZaneBusby: bye jun LOL ZaneBusby: chibi pwns. your argument is invalid. Silverthehedghog1: klololol Chibikittyzama: klololol is a failure as a lol. your argument is lollable LOL Chibikittyzama: nina fails at life, your argumen is non xistant Iloveyouxninaa: Exsistant. Iloveyouxninaa: Lear to spell. LOL Chibikittyzama: learn to win, then you have argument LOL Chibikittyzama: Nina changes the subject when losing, you have no argument LOL Silverthehedghog1: lolololololoolololololol Chibikittyzama: silver fails at lolling. no argument, gtfo LOL KawaiiYuuki: i read it wrong ZaneBusby: well u fail KawaiiYuuki: noo KawaiiYuuki: i fail SEXUALLY KawaiiYuuki: wait KawaiiYuuki: nononono LOL NukeJapanForLulz: Zane NukeJapanForLulz: How do you feel about osama? NukeJapanForLulz: Oops NukeJapanForLulz: I mean NukeJapanForLulz: OBAMA ZaneBusby: ROFL ZaneBusby: OSAMA BIN LADEN ZaneBusby: OBAMA BIN LADEN LOL!